UX Research and Design


We Create Exceptional User Experiences

You may have the greatest software or app in the world, but if it is difficult or confusing to use, it will never reach its full potential.

Split Arrow can work with you to to understand your goals and users to create an experience that will keep your users coming back time and time again.

Our UX Process

User Research

Through heat mapping, surveys, interviews, and persona creation, we’ll approach your users’ experience empathetically to figure out where their pain points are.


Utilizing our learnings from the previous step, we’ll wireframe and prototype to create a usable website draft.


Before you spend bunches of money building the site, we’ll want to conduct more user testing. We can make necessary changes more easily and cost-effectively at this stage.


Once we’re done testing, it’s time to build the site. We can actually develop the site for you so you don’t have to worry about any gaps between our vision and the final result.

Give Your Customers the Experience they want